70% OFF

The First 1000

70% OFF

The First 1000

Little Drivers are a limited collection of 10,000 NFTs. These NFTs are more than just unique characters. Little Drivers are a membership, that upgrades your Drivesome profile and grants you access to fantastic on and off-platform bonuses, rewards, and opportunities. If you are a car lover, a race driver, or drive a car, a Little Driver NFT holds some great benefits.

1000 NFTs


Early supporters

People that support the program early should get rewarded. The first 1000 Little Driver NFTs sold will be 70% off.

8900 NFTs


Priced on Value

We estimate a Little Driver holder that stakes their NFT and gets well involved in Drivesome on a daily bases. Would see on platform rewards well over this in 12 months.

100 NFTs


For giveaways and team

We will randomly mint 100 Little Drivers for the Drivesome platform. This is for giveaways and team members.

What is Drivesome?

Drivesome is a rewards-based automotive social network where car lovers, influencers, and enthusiasts can connect to provide knowledge, support, and information.

Drivesome will provide users with Drivesome tokens for their on-platform input. These tokens can be used to purchase products sold on the platform or gain entry to amazing competitions and unique events. Drivesome will be launching in December with over $500,000 worth of prizes and giveaways.

Little Drivers enjoy perks like a 10,000 Points signup bonus, free daily tokens, 10% bonus tokens on activity, exclusive NFT holder giveaways, events, and more.

Grab your limited Little Driver while you can. Apply to be on the Whitelist

How To Buy

It's As Easy As Changing A Tire

For Australian and English friends “It’s as easy as changing a tyre.

Just follow the simple steps below, If you get stuck, please reach out to us.


Buy Some Polygon (MATIC)

Buy Some Polygon (MATIC)

You can purchase Polygon (MATIC) from a simple-to-use exchange like Coinbase. Once your account has funds, you can send your MATIC to your MetaMask Wallet.


The MetaMask extension will allow you to make purchases with Polygon. You can purchase (MATIC) by clicking buy on the Polygon network using Visa/Mastercard. There is also the MetaMask app for phones.
Mint Your Little Driver

Mint Your Little Driver

Mint your Little Driver, just click the link below where it says Mint Now! If you are on the whitelist, we will send you a link or click the link below when the pre-sale opens.

Perks & Opportunities

Rewarding Early Supporters

When you buy a Little Driver, you are not just getting an NFT. You are showing that you believe in Drivesome’s future. We want to make sure the project rewards you for your early support, your Little Drivers holds its value, and we want it to be a fun ride.

  • Sign Up Bonus

    When Drivesome Launches in Dec 2022, Little Driver holders will receive 10,000 Bonus Drivesome Tokens on signup.

  • Staking Rewards

    Little Driver NFT holders will receive up to 20 Tokens per day daily for staking their NFTs on Drivesome. The user must have an active and Drivesome verified account.*

  • NFT Holder Exclusive Comps

    Drivesome will run hundreds of giveaways and competitions. Some giveaways will only be for NFT holders. If you are eligible and have an active account you will be automatically entered.

  • 10% More Reward Tokens

    Users on Drivesome can gain tokens by adding to the platform's content, images, reviews, and more. Little Driver Holders will receive 10% more tokens per action.

  • Opportunities

    There are thousands of amazing car events around the world we want Drivesome to be represented at. We open up these unique and rare opportunities to Little Driver Holders.

  • Early Access

    Little Driver holders will have access to buy future NFTs before anyone else and receive early access to gaming and metaverse opportunities.

    *Please view the terms and conditions of all eligibility for the above rewards.

Road to The Metaverse

Drivesome Roadmap

We designed and completed Pre-Alfa tests for Drivesome social network. We have been setting realistic and achievable goals. Our road map is just a small snippet of what we are doing over the next 12 months. We have completed a full financial forecasts and set up a strategic marketing plan. We will keep you updated all the way on our Twitter.


FAQ Little Drivers Drivesome Minting Collection

We understand you have lots of questions and so you should. We have tried to answer the most common questions below, if you have any other questions, please join our Twitter, and we will try to answer them as soon as possible. 

Each Little Driver NFT Membership costs 560 Polygon (MATIC)

The First 1000 minted receive a 70% off the price.

Polygon (Matic Token) is a “sidechain” that runs alongside the Ethereum blockchain. Using polygon provides more affordable rates (gas fees), has faster speeds, and more scalability for future Drivesome projects.

The easiest way is to find the Connect Wallet button at the top of the site Here. 

  1. Click connect wallet. If you don’t have MetaMask, it will pop up with an option to download. MetaMask is a simple-to-use wallet.
  2. Once you have your wallet set up, go to the Polygon MainNet. Click buy, and it will take you to Transak, where you can buy some Matic.
  3. Return to Little Drivers website and click mint! This will open MetaMask, display the price and ask for approval.
  4. Once you approve, your Little Driver NFT will be Minted and appear in your MetaMask wallet.
  5. We suggest you to transfer to a blue-chip wallet like Binance or Coinbase wallet.

For now, not much. We will have a private Discord group for owners so you can chat. The big things will start to happen once Drivesome is live in November.
Once you sign up with Drivesome, you will prove you own a Little Driver by opening your holding wallet. You will get some rewards and entries to some competitions straight away.
We will ask you to enter location info, age, and other details (these do not need to be public). This will help us to plan fun activities, launch parties, and promotional opportunities.
We will have a private area for holders on Drivesome. This will be a private group where Little Drivers can hopefully arrange meet-ups, share stories and ideas.

No, Little Driver NFTs are not investment or security in Drivesome.
Each Little Driver NFT acts as an “Access Token”.
Owning a Little Driver gives you exclusive access to the upgrades on the Drivesome Automotive Social Network. It also gives you exclusive invites to Drivesome events and promotions.
Little Driver holders will have early access to future staking opportunities on Drivesome, to Drivesome Metaverse games, discounts on merchandise and more.

Mint: 8th October at 9pm (AEST)


We are inviting people within the car industry to join the whitelist as they seek to receive the most benefit from Little Drivers. We have not put a cap on the whitelist, as the more car enthusiasts we can get involved, better for the platform.

People accepted in the whitelist, will have the chance to buy Little Drivers at a discount before the public offering.

Little drivers will be minted at random, and the whitelist will be minted two days before the public offering.

Total supply is 10,000 Little Drivers NFTs

Yes, 6% of every resale goes into Drivesome support Wallet. The money gained from the royalties goes back into Little Driver benefits and the Drivesome platform for continued growth.

Yes, you can view it here. Whitepaper

When you buy a little driver, you’re not just buying a unique piece of art. You are gaining an upgrade to a worldwide automotive social network. Your benefits and offerings will increase over time. Your Little Driver instantly upgrades your Drivesome Profile and opens doors to exclusive benefits.

Here are some of the On-Platform Benefits,

  • 10,000 Bonus DS Token on sign-up (regenerates to 2,000 on resale)
  • Up to 20 Drivesome Tokens per day.
  • 10% more token rewards for platform input.
  • Invites to Drivesome drives and events.
  • Discount on drivesome products.
  • Future Drivesome Metaverse upgrades.
  • Early access to staking pool.
  • Little Driver only giveaways.
  • Access to the Drivesome Drivers Club.
  • Metaverse Membership.
  • 5 Metaverse guest passes.

*10,000 DS token sign-up bonus only for verified profiles (once per person). 2,000 DsTokens regenerate if a little driver is sold. New Little Driver NFT owners can receive 2,000 DStokens as long as they are first-time Little Driver Holder and verify their account.

Little Driver Holders receive up to 20 Tokens per day based on 24hr staking period.

10% extra per day may be capped to stop the abuse and irrelevant content. Giveaways and event invites will depend on NFT holders’ location.  

Drivesome will make money via advertising, marketplace fees, and competitions. Marcus works with an organization that runs monthly car competitions. He knows this as a unique way to help to fund Drivesome. Drivesome will hold daily competitions all around the world. People can buy into these comps with Drivesome tokens. These tokens can be earned, by providing on-platform content that helps the community to grow.
The competitions could be for a Lamborghini gear pack or a Lamborghini.

Yes! Drivesome is under development now. It is a massive build, and each Little Driver sold is a way to help us dedicate more time and resources to get it finished earlier.
The NFTs can help us build a bigger and better team and complete Drivesome with all the crazy and unique functions we want it to have. With more funds we can run our rapid growth campaign with great events and promotions.

Little Drivers are not an investment. We do not promise, promote or guarantee any financial returns on your purchase. The Little Drivers provide a unique opportunity for car lovers to get early involvement(membership) in the platform Drivesome.
Drivesome will provide Little Driver holders with on-platform rewards, bonuses, private member areas, and a locked Discord group. Members will also get early access to the Web3 Platform and holder only invites to Drivesome events and promotions.

Yes, as we are using the Polygon network.
Our contract will be optimized to enable a low gas fee experience as well as being audited by a third party to ensure security and safety.
We have long-term goals for Drivesome and Little Drivers. We want to make sure our NFT launch is successful.

No, we will not be doing an Airdrop on Little Drivers. Little Drivers are priced to help to support Drivesome Platform growth.

We will hold 100 minted Little Drivers for giveaways and prizes. 

Pre Sale 1-2 Little Drivers.

Public Mint 1-5 Little drivers (per transaction)

NO! Are bonding cures a Ponzi scheme? That is not for us to say. BUT NO, we do not and will not use bonding cures.
There are only two price tires that hold the same membership value. Buying one of the first 1000 Little Drivers will cost 168 MATIC and for public mint 560 MATIC.

The Little Workers

The Team



Founder / Driver
Designer/Developer/Driver. Marcus has a vision that Drivesome will dominate the Web2 and Web3 world for automotive content.
B1 (Ben1)

B1 (Ben1)

Ben has worked with Marcus on different projects since 2007 when they launched their first Ecom. An extreme van lifer and free spirit.
B2 (Ben2)

B2 (Ben2)

Front End Developer
The younger Ben is an absolute car nut and a UI wiz. He has a great portfolio, so we are looking forward to seeing what he can do.


With a last name like Spanner, you can see why he is on this project. Nick brings contacts within the Automotive world


Ahmad is from Indonesia and has created our Little Drivers and will continue to be our go-to for all creative work.


A master in finance, research, and order. Keeping the team organized. She is also Marcus' wife and brings him back to reality once in a while.
Now Hiring

Now Hiring

We need someone that knows all aspects of development and design to lead our development team to reach targets.
Now Hiring

Now Hiring

We want to bring on more coders and developers to help speed up the build. Looking for unique skills you can bring to the team.

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For Drivers Everywhere

Please follow our Twitter as that is our most active platform for updates and info on Little Drivers.

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